"Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future."

- John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Children's Services

Child Advocacy Center

Most children who live at Esplanade House have been in and out of foster care, or living in unsafe environments that leave both nutritional issues and emotional trauma in its wake. For that reason, we collaborate with other professionals who assist us in providing the best care we can.

Here is an overview of the work we do:

  • We conduct onsite developmental assessments of all children, using the Ages and Stages questionnaires for social and emotional development.
  • We provide age appropriate environments and curriculum, with arts & crafts, games, educational toys, and field trips.
  • A volunteer Psychologist helps us assess children with behavioral issues and helps train staff in helpful techniques to use.
  • We partner with the UC Davis Collaborative Extension Nutrition Program, which provides materials to conduct health and nutrition related activities with preschool children.
  • We have nursing students each semester who help provide child health inventories to address medical, dental, behavioral, and emotional needs.

In summary, the children at Esplanade House are immersed in a healthy, structured environment that provides for both their emotional and physical needs.