“I have been passionately committed to this charity most of my life. I wanted to feel confident that it would live on after I’m gone.”

–Greg Webb
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Leaving a Legacy

Contributing to our endowment fund is one of the more rewarding things a donor can do. With good estate planning, proceeds from a will that might normally go to Uncle Sam can be placed in an endowment fund. Taking advantage of the tax benefits leaves money for both the heirs and the charity, a win-win for everyone.

It used to be that only large organizations ( e.g. Hospitals, Museums, Universities) had endowment funds established to ensure their long term survival. With the advent of Community Foundations, ( goes to: http://nonprofit.about.com/od/c/g/commfound.htm smaller non-profits can now enjoy the same benefits. The Esplanade House Children’s Fund Endowment was established in the year 2000, and is managed by North Valley Community Foundation. For a courtesy consultation on planned giving, contact Daniel Alexander.

Dan Alexander


What is an Endowment fund?

An Endowment Fund is a special account created by charitable donations (e.g. cash, property, stocks) that is restricted in its use: only the interest earned from the fund can be used to help the organization it was established for. The principle is never touched. The goal is to build up the endowment over the long term to ensure financial stability into the future. Most endowments are built up through planned giving, meaning that donors leave a percentage of their will or estate to the organization’s endowment.

What Are the Advantages to an Endowment?

Stability is the main reason for an organization to establish an endowment; long range financial planning is not only smart, it is essential to keeping donors assured that the organization will be around for the long-term. Currently, our endowment at North Valley Community Foundation has in excess of $700,000.00 earning $25,000.00 annually. Our goal is one million. Will you help?

Why should I donate to an Endowment Fund?

People have different emotional reasons for wanting to help a particular charity survive into the future. Some people are raised with family values that embrace philanthropy and pass it down through generations; others like the idea of paying less taxes to the government and directing it to a charity instead. Many people want to leave a legacy of helping others in need, that will live on into future generations.

Do you have to be rich to donate to an endowment fund?

No. Whether you donate $100.00 or $100,000.00 dollars, the gift becomes part of a growing fund that earns interest used to support the charity. The saying that “Every little bit helps” is especially true to growing an endowment. If everybody just left 5% of their will to their favorite charity, every community would be a better place.

Who should I call for Help on Planned Giving?

Typically people call their accountant, who would be familiar with the tax benefits as well as your assets. Or, you may already have an attorney that is knowledgeable in planned giving. Additional info can be found at: www.nvcf.org


Gregg Webb - 891-2977

North Valley Community Foundation -891-1100


“My father always said to me, “Don’t let people with money impress you; watch what they do with it.” I always admired people who gave back, and wanted to be one of them. –Lynne Bussey


“I have been passionately committed to this charity for a good part of my life. I wanted to feel confident that it would live on after I’m gone.” –Greg Webb

“I have no children, unless you count the ones I support at Esplanade House, so leaving money to them and those that will follow was comforting to me.”